User testing Intranet usability

Intranet usability testing

Project overview

Late 2016, Julia was getting close to launching a new intranet for the Level Crossing Removal Authority. Julia engaged Polished Pixels to perform usability testing and quality assurance on her intranet. Since the intranet was built in Squiz CMS, a platform we're experts in, we were able to make improvements quickly and efficiently. 

About Level Crossing Removal Authority


We started by talking with the project owner and listening to their goals

To ensure there was a common understanding of the project goals, we spoke to the client in detail about their expectations and the desired outcomes. We then designed a usability testing plan that would test the areas of the intranet that are most important to the intranet visitors.


The goals of project were to:

  • get a clear indication of how easy it is for typical visitors to find important information on the intranet
  • review and report on the accessibility level of the intranet
  • produce a practical report that would clearly communicate the high-level results of the user-testing. 

Project results

We tested the intranet using real visitors who represented various areas of the organisation. We gave the staff members a number of real tasks and scenarios, for example: "You're thinking about going on leave. Find information on how to apply for leave".

Our usability software produced useful metrics such as:

  • a system usability score
  • time on task information (the average time it took for visitors to complete particular tasks)
  • statistics on which tasks were hardest to complete, and
  • how may clicks it took to complete particular tasks.

We also produced short video clips of visitors talking about their experiences on the intranet.We promptly corrected some issues we found (because we're also Squiz Matrix CMS experts and this intranet was built on the Squiz CMS).

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