About the client

Bluewater™ Control is a successful Australian company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and China. Bluewater developed a mobility management suite that leads the way in the future way businesses will work.

Bluewater™ addresses all aspects of enterprise mobility.

Quick facts

What we did

The journey in detail

Our tried and tested process

We listened to our client

Discovery and briefing phase

To ensure there was a common understanding of the problem, we had a coffee with the company’s Marketing Manager and General Manager and reviewed their existing website. We listened to their pain points and their ideas for the new website. We then took a good look at their business goals and came back with some suggestions and agreed on a multi-phased ‘game plan’.

The goals of phase one of this project were to:

  • improve the brand online 
  • ‘spell out’ what the company offers to their potential clients/customers
  • highlight their partnerships with companies such as Telstra.
    listening and learning from clients

    How we solved the problem

    To remedy the original problem that Bluewater Control brought to us, we built a professional website that uses a beautiful design and engaging content to generate interest in our client’s product. The project was well planned and consultative. We continually checked in with our client to ensure they were both apprised of and happy with the work being done on their site. We broke up the content creation into phases and launched with the most critical content, then scheduled subsequent content uploads.

    planning the project
    We created a plan to solve
    the challenge for our client.

    What we delivered

    Old website New website
    Mobile friendly No Yes
    Up-to-date information No Yes
    Recent photos No Yes
    An on-brand design No Yes
    Fast loading pages No Yes

    See what our client told us about what we delivered.

    Mobile and tablet view of telecommunications website design
    We delivered a solution,
    in the form of a new website.

    Stats and facts

    Megan Nixon talking about the quality of website services
    Video length: 1 min 42 seconds

    What you'll see: Feedback from the project owner Megan Nixon - Marketing Manager at Bluewater Control, on the service she received from Polished Pixels. 

    • Page views 75% increase
    • Time on site 400% increase
    • Bounce rate 80% decrease

    This project was delivered on time and on budget.

    Megan the project owner, received a plethora of positive feedback and in turn passed it onto us.

    See Megan's feedback to Polished Pixels.

    Some of the key results are:

    • more engaging content that better explains the company’s offering
    • a website that is easier to use, especially on mobile devices
    • potential customers are now seeing a more professional and modern website
    • the new website is search-engine friendly
    • time spent on the site has increased by 400%.

    I’m really impressed with the results of our new website. Being able to regularly meet face to face, at each project milestone, made a big difference. Megan Nixon, Marketing Manager
    Bluewater Control, 2017 Megan Nixon. Marketing Manager at telecommunications company Bluewater Control Megan Nixon. Marketing Manager at telecommunications company Bluewater Control Megan Nixon. Marketing Manager at telecommunications company Bluewater Control

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