The journey in detail

Our tried and tested process

We listened to our client


The goal was to build a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website that would encourage greater traffic and sales.

listening and learning from clients

How we solved the problem

We worked closely with Master Sofa to rebuild and redesign a user-friendly website.  

  • Project planning
  • Persona creation
  • Website statistics review
  • Web content audit
  • Web content refresh
  • User research
  • User research
  • Building the website using Squiz Matrix CMS
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Quality assurance
  • Communications and approvals process
  • Post launch client follow up
planning the project
We created a plan to solve
the challenge for our client.

What we delivered

We improved the aesthetics of Master Sofa's web page, and enabled Master Sofa to improve sales through increased website visitors.

See what our client told us about what we delivered.

three views of a designer sofa website
We delivered a solution,
in the form of a new website.

Stats and facts

screen grab of a furniture website built by polished pixels
  • Page views 6% increase
  • Time on site 25% increase
  • Bounce rate 10% decrease

In 2013 Tim re-built my website with a new design and a new set of features that help customer buy stores receive more sales and customer enquiries every year. George Koutalas, Director
Master Sofa, 2013

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