The journey in detail

Our tried and tested process

We listened to our client

Our client had a website that was not set up for e-Commerce and payments were taken in a manual and inefficient way. Our client was not overly tech savvy and She needed experts like Polished Pixels to take charge of the project and set the business up for online success. 

listening and learning from clients
listening and learning from clients

How we solved the problem

The goal was to increase bookings for the tours that this company runs. We created a unique website layout that was designed to both appeal to the target market and to represent the business values.

We created a unique website design, based on the goals of this tour company, that appealed to the website visitors and potential clients of Italian Indulgence.

Once the website was launched, we did an extensive amount of Search Engine Optimisation on the website. 

More specifically, we carried out:

  • Project planning
  • Website statistics review
  • Web content audit
  • Web content refresh
  • User research
  • Building the website using Open Source technology
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Quality assurance
  • Communications and approvals process
  • Post launch client follow up
planning the project
We created a plan to solve
the challenge for our client.

What we delivered

Old website New website
Search Engine Friendly No Yes
Up-to-date information No Yes
Recent photos No Yes
e-Commerce enabled No
User-friendly menus No Yes

See what our client told us about what we delivered.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile views of travel industry website
We delivered a solution,
in the form of a new website.

Stats and facts

Travel website design
  • Page views 6% increase
  • Time on site 25% increase
  • Bounce rate 10% decrease

Search engine results

We achieved excellent search engine results for our client. This led to a sharp increase in the number of visitors visiting the website.

Online sales

We successfully built and launched the first e-Commerce enabled website for Italian Indulgence. This streamlined the booking process and led to a time and cost saving for our client. The overall sales increased due to the increase in website visitors and the more efficient booking process. 

    Thanks so much for all the effort, hard work and wonderful advice in designing my new website. I am thrilled with the way it looks. Annette Blight, Director
    Italian Indulgence, 2007

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