We build successful
eCommerce websites

You can enjoy improved online sales with our ecommerce services. So that your ecommerce store starts delivering a measurable return on your investment.


We user-test it with real people

  • persona

    We create personas

    Personas bring your target audience
    to life so they're more real in your
    planning and decision making.

    Download example of persona
    (PDF file: 215KB)

  • person

    And test with real people

    We carry out user testing, where we get real people to test your website. We record all their actions and analyse them, then prepare a report with actionable recommendations and walk you through it.

  • computer devices

    On all of your devices

    Desktop, mobile, tablet...Whatever platform your target customers uses, that's what we'll test.

Then redesign it based on their feedback

  • wireframe

    Page layout (wireframing)

    We plan a more user-friendly layout for your web page, delivered as a wireframe. A wireframe is a quick and low cost blue-print of your future page.

  • IA tree

    Menus and navigation (IA)

    We can make your menus and navigation more user-friendly through UI design. We make it easier to find things on your website with card sorting.

  • checklist

    Test again before building

    To save you time and money, we then test and improve the wireframes, menus and navigation, before time and effort is invested in building them.

Then continue monitoring
testing and improving, over time

  • monitoring screens

    We monitor the outcome

    We continue to monitor your web traffic and analytics to identify patterns and opportunities.

  • shopping cart

    Make incremental changes

    The success rates and drop-off rates of your checkouts and online forms can be significantly improved, often with just minor tweaks.

  • A/B Testing

    And split test them

    You'll have tried and tested webpages, with the right combination of photos and words that works best for your customers.

MGSM website rebuild

Real results


  • this project was delivered on time and on budget
  • our work led to better engagement from the website visitors:
    • we improved the average time that the visitors spend on the site by 25%
    • we decreased the bounce rate by 10%
    • we increased the number of pages people look at by 6%.
  • all stakeholders were delighted with the outcomes of this project.
  • target audiences were documented and turned into user-friendly personas, which were very valuable in briefing external vendors such as the web writers
  • the website is now friendlier to search engines and the volume of quality organic traffic has already started increasing.
  • increases in organic traffic have resulted in significantly more conversions ie potential customers making contact and performing key tasks on the website.
  • the MGSM website is now mobile friendly and more people are using their mobile devices to engage with the website.
  • the improvements in the quality of the web content led to a number of benefits including
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Our team can provide hands-on consulting or end-to-end web development; from UX to design, development and conversion refinement. Achieve success online by engaging our team of Sydney website experts. More about us

We are based in heart of Sydney CBD. There are no communication hurdles to deal with and our expertise is second to none when it comes to usability and UX design.


  • Wireframes
  • Heatmaps
  • Statistical insights report
  • Better documentation on your customers (personas)
  • Menu and navigation diagrams (Information Architecture)
  • Recommendations


  • Cost savings
  • Easy-to-use site
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increased conversion
  • Enhanced brand loyalty
  • Increased engagement

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Process to get you better results and more success

  • computer icon

    We learn

    We learn about your business goals and what problems you're wanting to solve. We then get to know your audiences and what we need to do to turn them into customers.

  • A/B testing icon

    You are here We design and test

    We get real people to test your website. Desktop, mobile, tablet...Whatever platform your target customers use, that's what we'll test.

  • computer devices

    We build and support your website

    Polished Pixels has built and worked on some of Australia's largest and most complex web environments using Squiz Matrix CMS.

  • graph icon

    We drive more visitors and measure results

    We drive more quality traffic to your website by making your website more search engine friendly. Then we work on turning visitors into customers.