Meet Doug Maloney

Senior Project Manager 

Doug Maloney, Senior Project Manager

Doug Maloney

Senior Project Manager

My job is to make sure your project is delivered - on time and on budget

Doug has over 10 years experience in Product Marketing mobile strategy with experience in delivering large Digital Transformation projects and managing business, creative and software development people. 

About Doug Maloney, Senior Project Manager

As a project manager, Doug is responsible for delivering your project.

Doug has a mix of senior people-management experience, strategic focus, and curiosity about consumer habits and digital product experiences. He uses his creative/technical skills to generate answers to digital and mobile problems and likes to work in challenging and changing environments - motivating colleagues to stretch their thinking and turn their ideas into action.

Doug is experienced in Product Marketing mobile strategy - devising and delivering some of the most exciting communications and multimedia products and services in the mobile and telecommunications industry. As well as managing mixed groups of Business, User Experience, Visual Design and Software development people in formal environments and as a skunkworks. 

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