We design user-friendly websites and build them with an enterprise CMS

We provide results driven website services for large organisations. Recent clients include large financial institutions, and higher education organisations. Our focus is on your return on investment. Offering you enterprise class CMS implementation, web design, website content strategy, usability services and customer experience design.

Three screens of a website built by Polished Pixels Sydney

MGSM website rebuild

Real results


  • this project was delivered on time and on budget
  • our work led to better engagement from the website visitors:
    • we improved the average time that the visitors spend on the site by 25%
    • we decreased the bounce rate by 10%
    • we increased the number of pages people look at by 6%.
  • all stakeholders were delighted with the outcomes of this project.
  • target audiences were documented and turned into user-friendly personas, which were very valuable in briefing external vendors such as the web writers
  • the website is now friendlier to search engines and the volume of quality organic traffic has already started increasing.
  • increases in organic traffic have resulted in significantly more conversions ie potential customers making contact and performing key tasks on the website.
  • the MGSM website is now mobile friendly and more people are using their mobile devices to engage with the website.
  • the improvements in the quality of the web content led to a number of benefits including
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Our clients

  • IOOF Holdings Limited
  • Applied Finance Centre
  • MGSM
  • Executive Conference Centres
  • Level Crossing Removal Authority
  • Executive Hotel, Macquarie Park

Case studies