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06 Apr 2018

5 step guide to migrate out of Business Catalyst

In March 2018, Adobe announced that it will shut down Business Catalyst has in 2021. This means a website built using the Business Catalyst CMS will need to be rebuilt in another CMS and content migrated. The migration or rebuild of a business catalyst website will go far smoother if prudent preparation and planning is done before migration begins. We've put together these five steps to help you prepare and familiarise yourself with the process of migrating or rebuilding a business catalyst website in a new CMS. 

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31 Mar 2018

Migrating out of Adobe Business Catalyst and into Shopify

If you have an ecommerce website in Business Catalyst, we recommend that you migrate to Shopify. We can migrate your products and customer information for you and support you through this change. Unfortunately, Adobe Business Catalyst is shutting down which means websites will need to be rebuilt in other CMSs and content migrated. 

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11 Dec 2017

Websites for the technology sector

Understanding the essential elements for building a website for the technology sector can be daunting. We’ve put together a ‘how to’ guide to streamline the experience and make sure all key elements are included. 

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14 Nov 2017

Building high performing websites for the corporate sector

Websites are the most valuable commercial property on the planet.

A company website acts as its face to the world and countless potential new customers.

A website that powerfully communicates the benefits of a brand is one the easiest ways to position a business ahead of the competition.

No large corporation that wants to remain competitive in the marketplace can afford to ignore the performance of its website.

To make the process of developing an effective business website easier, we’ve put together a ‘how to’ for building a successful website for your business.

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13 Nov 2017

Designing a winning financial services website

When it comes to designing and building a winning financial services websites, there are particular key elements that are critical.

No organisation in the financial services industry that wants to remain competitive can afford to ignore the performance of their website.

A winning website will also provides a unique opportunity to make a great first impression on potential new clients.

However, building websites for the finance sector is different from other industries.

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02 Nov 2017

How can card sorting and tree testing improve your website?

When people in digital or marketing refer to terms like ‘card sorting’ and ‘tree testing’, many could assume they are code for a departmental bonding exercise that involves playing poker in a national park.

But when it comes to optimising your company website in order to achieve organisational goals, card sorting and tree testing are no joke.

Card sorting and tree testing will help your website visitors find what they are looking for easier and faster.

But card sorting and tree testing is not the same thing, though both tests are easy to conduct, and they both yield data that will help optimise the structure of your website.

However, card sorting is carried out before the structure of a site has been created. This is so you can understand how your users navigate your site. Tree testing is best accessed after card sorting has been conducted. That’s because it can be used as a way to refine your findings, verify strengths and improve weaknesses.

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30 Oct 2017

How much does a website cost?

You know your organisation needs a strong web presence that powerfully promotes your offering to its target audiences.

After all, a user-friendly website that sells the benefits of your company will help deliver a competitive advantage to your company within its market segment.

So what do you do when you realise your current website fails to successfully promote your organisation to its customers?

It’s certainly a no brainer that any business today cannot afford to ignore this element of their marketing communications strategy.

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30 Oct 2017

How personas can make your website more successful

Ask around your office for the superlative definition of ‘persona’ and a volley of definitions will fly at you ranging from close to the comical.

Opinions will range from a profile of a theoretical customer, to a marketing term that describes segments of your web traffic, or even a character assumed by an author in a foreign novel.

But when it comes to understanding what personas are to the business goals of your organisation, they are no laughing matter.

Once your organisation has identified their personas, you can then build a powerful web presence that engages customers, drives growth and increases revenue.

Personas are critical to an organisation when it comes to understanding who its ideal customers are and what they want from your website. Their value goes beyond a website project and this article explains why.

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24 Oct 2017

Seven practical steps for web content creation

Web content lies at the foundation of building engaging conversations between your organisation and its customers. Great content will always work to build quality traffic, generate leads and achieve success because it will improve the customer experience.

Building brand value and trust are just some of the benefits to come from improving the customer experience of your website.

But creating killer web content is not easy or straight forward. That’s why we have created a ‘cheat sheet’ of seven key high level steps that will result in effective web pages for a winning website.

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16 Oct 2017

Business case for a new user-friendly website

Why re-invent the wheel? Use these building blocks to build your own business case

We have all the building blocks you need to build a business case for getting professional usability work done on your website.

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25 Sep 2017

Why use a local user experience agency

A positive user experience (UX) is critical to the success of a website. Visitors want a site that is easily accessible and filled with easy-to-find and highly useful information. A successful website is highly tailored to the audience it serves. Whilst it is possible for a website that provides poor user experience to succeed, it is highly unlikely. To design such a specialised experience, you must have a deep understanding of the target visitor and knowledge of how people interact with technology.

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25 Sep 2017

How to choose the right UX design agency for your project

A good UX design agency can help companies get ahead of their competitors so it’s important you choose the right one. The decision making process when selecting a design agency won’t be quick – but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Following a few simple steps will pay off in the long run.

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20 Sep 2017

Why use an enterprise CMS for your organisation

Mention ‘CMS’ in any office and watch your colleagues chime in with an ‘expert’ opinion.

Views will range from which CMS system is the best, to what features are non-negotiable to create a winning web presence.

The reality is that there are a multitude of factors that must be considered before any business decides to invest in a CMS. There is no one perfect CMS.

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01 Aug 2017

How much does usability cost?

The real question is what is the cost of a site that isn't usable

Cost saving. Websites that are tested save money by finding issues that are expensive to fix if discovered at a later stage.

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27 Mar 2017

Why would I need a wireframe design service?

Find out what the value add is on using a professional wireframe design service

Cost saving. A wireframe is not expensive to produce. You can test it and potentially find issues that would have been expensive to fix if discovered at a later stage.

ab testing for website icon

27 Mar 2017

Why use an AB testing service provider

Find out what the value add is on using a professional AB testing service

How do you know if the site design will turn visitors into customers? Can you quantify the effectiveness of a design before it launches?

Two business professionals strategising at a whiteboard

27 Mar 2017

What is website content strategy?

About website content strategy and how you can benefit from it

What is a website content strategy? A clear plan of action, that everybody in a web team can understand. It’s achievable and goal based.

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27 Mar 2017

How to use Outbrain to promote your business

Find out what Outbrain is and how you can benefit from it

Outbrain is a content recommendation platform that will recommend similar content to readers and with effective management, will reach your ideal consumer