Meet Emily Inglis

Enterprise CMS Developer 

Emily Inglis, Squiz CMS Developer

Emily Inglis

Enterprise CMS Developer


  • Enterprise CMS Development
  • accessibility review and improvement.



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I build accessible websites using an enterprise class CMS (Squiz CMS)

Emily is a Squiz Matrix CMS backend developer. Emily has been building and configuring large websites using the Squiz Matrix CMS since 2012.

About Emily Inglis, Squiz CMS Developer

As a Squiz CMS developer, Emily can build your website.

Emily is trained and experienced using a range of CMS platforms with advanced level training with the Squiz Matrix. She enjoys all aspects of the website design and development process.

Emily has extensive experience with building large websites within the business and finance sectors, having worked in website production for a number of years at Faculty of Business and Economics at Macquarie University. More recently, Emily did the CMS development of the websites of IOOF, MGSM and MAFC.

Emily is driven by her keen interest and experience working with the visually and hearing impaired, Emily has a passion for creating websites that are accessible to all persons. From the HTML 'bones' of a website, to the keyboard controls, video technologies and visual designs, she promotes inclusive and accessible solutions.

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