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By Tim McQueen Published on 1 Jan 2008

Making the most of Australian UX agencies

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Build a website that caters to your audience's needs by employing local talent that understands them.

positive user experience (UX) is critical to the success of a website. Visitors want a site that is easily accessible and filled with easy-to-find and highly useful information. A successful website is highly tailored to the audience it serves. Whilst it is possible for a website that provides poor user experience to succeed, it is highly unlikely. To design such a specialised experience, you must have a deep understanding of the target visitor and knowledge of how people interact with technology.

There’s no substitute for the experience of working with experts face-to-face. For example, a Sydney based organisation would save on time and hassle by being able to walk through Sydney’s CBD to the office of their user experience experts.

Developing your persona

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Better cater to your audience by gaining a greater understanding of who they are with personas.

Designing the user experience starts with understanding the needs of your customers and understanding your customers as people. It is the job of your website to turn visitors into customers. Traffic to the site is meaningless if visitors don’t perform the action you desire (make a purchase, fill out a form, make a call, etc.). This is known as converting the traffic.

Sites with a great user experience do a better job of converting traffic. How do successful websites achieve this? This is where developing user personas is helpful. These personas capture the main characteristics of your target audience and bring them to life. See an example of a persona.

Testing with a Australian audiences

Before you spend valuable resources building a website, it’s important to make sure you’re on track to deliver a great user experience.

User experience agencies, often have facilities in-house to perform testing on samples of your ideal audiences. So if you’re in Sydney for example, then it makes sense for your user experience agency to also be in Sydney so that you have the opportunity to see some of the user testing for yourself.

What elements of a website are typically tested?

Testing wireframes are a great way to save money and time

Based on your business goals and the personas, a wireframe (or website blueprint) is developed. Various ways of arranging information and navigating the site are explored and not just in one situation. People are visiting websites in various situations - using multiple devices. This means you must design a consistent experience for all the situations and scenarios that people are interacting with your. Before building your website, a low cost way to test in various screen sizes is to first test wireframes.

A/B testing

You may already have a site and you are want to make a major change. Before releasing a major change to all your visitors, you could ‘test the waters’ with only half of your website visitors using AB testing.

That’s where A/B testing comes in. It’s a way of comparing different versions of anything to find out which is more desirable. Wireframes should always be tested to determine which design will convert best. The best A/B testing uses real live people that match your target audience.

Benefits of working with an Australian team

It may be tempting to go offshore and hire a foreign-based company to create your website, but it isn’t wise. When you work with an Australian UX design firm you don’t have the hassle of that comes with the barriers that are ‘part and parcel’ of working with people remotely. There are no time zones to cross or language differences to cloud communication. Instead of barriers, you get responsiveness and efficient communication.

If, for example you work in Sydney, then working with a Sydney user experience design agency means you can meet face-to-face when and where it is convenient for you and your team. With large or complex projects, this makes coordination so much easier. It holds the price down as well. When no travel is involved, it just costs less and the money you do spend stays in the Australian economy. That’s good for everyone’s business.

In short, a local firm understands your end user, and in when it comes to creating the best user experience everything tracks back to the end user. An Australian firm is accessible and in the long run you get better value for money. That means you get a website that provides a great user experience and converts traffic to customers. 

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