CMS training

Well trained website editors will lead to better website content

We specialise in training people to effectively manage web content using an enterprise CMS (Squiz CMS)

Our training goes beyond the technical side of maintaining CMS based websites. We cover tips on user-experience and content best practices.

  • two women in UX agency in Sydney

    What we do

    We improve the productivity of your web publishing process by training your web editors.

    Effective website training leads to more effective websites.

  • two women in UX agency in Sydney

    How we do it

    We start by listening to your training goals and identify skill gaps.

    We learn about your editors and the common challenges they face when updating their webpages.

    We're experts in the Squiz Matrix CMS and we can include practical information on how to make the content more user-friendly.

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    What we’ve done

    We've trained hundreds of CMS editors over the past ten years.

    We've delivered CMS training for large organisations  such as:

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