Higher education Case study of a Squiz CMS editor training program

Project overview

Macquarie University approached Polished Pixels in 2017 to develop a Squiz CMS training program that would up-skill their website editors and promote regular web content maintenance. Polished Pixels delivered an engaging and effective training program to Macquarie University and we continue to run regular training sessions at Macquarie University.

This case study will highlights how we created, tested and delivered a customised CMS training program for the maintenance of content for the Macquarie University websites.

About Macquarie University

Over its 50 years, Macquarie University has established itself as a progressive and influential tertiary institution. Macquarie has pioneered, and continues to pioneer, learning and teaching techniques that challenge traditional conventions, contributing to their success on both local and global scales. With first class facilities, Macquarie University has earnt itself a 5-Star QS rating and is placed in the top 2% of universities within the world.


Our goals centred around: 

  • improving the skill level of web content editors
  • bringing editors up-to-date with accessibility standards
  • ensuring that editors take full-advantage of the outstanding features of Squiz CMS. 

Our ultimate goal was to improve the visitor's experience that website visitors have when they engage with the Macquarie University web content.


What we did


  • evaluated the skill levels of all staff involved 
  • identified skill gaps and strategic goals
  • produced separate beginner and intermediate slide decks for content editors of varying skill levels
  • tried and tested the training content
  • created 50 short 'how-to' videos to support the slides and further support content editors
  • successfully delivered the training program to Macquarie University.

Since 2018, we've been running regular training sessions at Macquarie University and we consistency get excellent feedback scores from trainees.

Project results

Since the training was implemented:

  • the quality of the web content has improved
  • content updates are now made more regularly
  • web content has become more web-friendly
  • support requests have decreased.

This has in turn improved the engagement levels of website visitors to the Macquarie University website.

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