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Website design and build using an enterprise CMS

Project overview

  • Client: The School Magazine
  • Start date: 2017
  • Project length: 9 months
  • Services delivered: User experience; Web design; Enterprise CMS; Personas; Accessibility compliance (WCAG 2)

In 2017, The School Magazine needed a new website that would better represent the brand of Australia's most loved and longest-running literary magazine for children. We were selected to design and build the new website on an enterprise CMS (Squiz Matrix).

About The School Magazine

The School Magazine has been published since 1916.

For generations, it has been introducing young readers to a world of words.


The goal was to redesign and rebuild the website of Australia's most loved and longest-running literary magazine for children.

It was critical that the website design we created was in-line with the look and feel of the magazine. 

Finally, our goal was to build the website on an enterprise CMS that would be simple for editors to update.


The first step we took towards this goal was to interview both internal stakeholders, and members of the primary audience (teachers and parents).

We then carried out:

  • persona creation
  • web design
  • CMS development
  • accessibility audit
  • post launch testing.

Project results

The new website was launched with a new mobile-friendly design that effectively encapsulated the essence of The School Magazine, with all its history and reputation.

Built on a robust enterprise class CMS, the new online presence of The School Magazine embodied Australia's most loved and longest-running literary magazine for children.

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