The journey in detail

Our tried and tested process

We listened to our client

We sat with the head of Hotel and Restaurant Manager and listened to the goals of the business and the pain points with their old website. The website didn't represent the high quality values of the executive and restaurant.


The goal was to improve the appeal of the Hotel but presenting better photos and highlighting the benefits of staying there. 


Our client had a website that:

  • was not friendly to mobile devices
  • was not intuitive to navigate for the people using it
  • contained outdated information and photos
  • had an ineffective search tool
  • was hosted on old technology
  • presented inconsistent branding.
listening and learning from clients

How we solved the problem

Target audiences were documented and turned into user-friendly personas, which were very valuable in briefing external vendors. We then carried out:

  • Project planning
  • Persona creation
  • Website statistics review
  • Web content audit
  • Web content refresh
  • User research
  • User testing
  • Building the website in Squiz Matrix CMS
  • Training of website editors
  • Quality assurance
  • Communications and approvals process
  • Post launch client follow up
planning the project
We created a plan to solve
the challenge for our client.

What we delivered

Old website New website
Mobile friendly No Yes
Up-to-date information No Yes
Recent photos No Yes
Effective search tool No Yes
User-friendly menus No Yes

See what our client told us about what we delivered.

Hotel room in Sydney
We delivered a solution,
in the form of a new website.

Stats and facts

screen grab of a hotel and hospitality website built by polished pixels
  • Page views 15% increase
  • Time on site 25% increase
  • Bounce rate 63% decrease


    • this project was delivered on time and on budget
    • the MGSM website is now mobile friendly and more people are using their mobile devices to engage with the website
    • our work led to better engagement from the website visitors:
    • all stakeholders were delighted with the results of this project.

    I am very pleased with Polished Pixels, as they were able to deliver within our existing marketing strategy and time-frames.  Issy De Castro, Hotel and Restaurant Manager
    Executive Hotel, Macquarie Park, 2016 Manager of Hotel and Restaurant Manager of Hotel and Restaurant Manager of Hotel and Restaurant

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