Higher education MGSM student website

Student timetable system design and build using an enterprise CMS 

Project overview

In 2015 David, the Manager of Student Services at MGSM, was responsible for an online tool that was built on out-dated technology, was difficult for the students to use and was time consuming to keep up-to-date. David engaged Polished Pixels to rebuild this student tool using modern technology and to make it easier for students to use. This case study walks you through the journey of rebuilding an online tool of MGSM Student Services. 

About MGSM Student Services

In 2016 MGSM was once again ranked the number one School in Australia by the Financial Times world MBA ranking. The School is one of only three Australian business schools to make the prestigious top 100.

The MGSM has centres in:

  • the heart of Sydney's business district in the
  • Sydney CBD
  • North Ryde
  • and Hong Kong

The Student Services area of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) entrusted Polished Pixels with the task of re-building their website from the ground up.


  • To make the tool more user-friendly for the MGSM student
  • To make the process of updating the unit directory more streamlined and more sustainable. 


An online tool that students used regularly, was built inside a legacy database that was outdated, unsupported, and could only be updated by 1 person via a spreadsheet. Student found the tool confusing to use and only took advantage of the most basic features of the tool.  


Discovery and briefing phase

We met with the managers of the student services area of MGSM.

We listened to:

  • the challenges and pain points of the current website
  • the content updating processes 
  • common questions to the front line staff 
  • surveying the students 
  • building a wish-list for the new website
  • how a new website would help improve their situation.

We then planned and built the website around the website visitors, and the business objectives of David, the Student Services Manager.

Project results

  • When looking at independent statistics (Google Analytics), we saw a marked improvement in all the key metrics:
    • a 122% increase in usage of the tool 
    • 15% increase in 
    • 78% decrease in bounce rate
  • When comparing heatmaps from the old interface with the new interface, it showed a 400% increase in usage of the features. 
  • The unit directory can now be updated by anyone in the organisation that has had training on editing webpages.

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